The Pictures below take us back almost 50 years to a different day in RC control. You will recognize the subject of these pictures as a venerated lifetime expert in RC flying and a current active member of BARC.

When we think of how we control our planes in the air today we are quickly able to appreciate the technology we take for granted. These guys in the late 50’s and early 60 were REAL experts, They built their own transmitters from magazine designs and actually understood how they worked. Today we charge the batteries, turn them on and fly.

Thanks to the pioneers who paved the way for our fun. and Especially, thanks to our own Fred for his leadership, help, support and enthusiasm every day at the flying field.

1960 State of the art RC airplane. Note: the transmitter in the back ground sat on the ground and had a 12 foot whip antenna. (Real men smoked Pall Malls)

fred 1960

1971 Pattern ships have not changed all that much in 37 years. Note: ailerons, fully proportional control and modern engine. Fred is ten years older in this picture.

fred 1971