The BARC 26th Annual Airshow will be held on the 26th of August, 2023.  The noon events will include a WWII battle show and a candy drop for the kids.  Bring a chair and watch the planes flying over the runway.  if you are an AMA member bring a plane to fly.  Lunch will be provided to pilots at no charge.

Our field at the Thompsonville Airport now has a name.  The field from now on will be called Ed McIntosh Field.

As most members already know out fabric runway has been extended. Whether you fly a small plane or a larger plane,  the runway is nice and smooth.  Sharpen your skills at being able to take off and land on our new runway.

The outdoor flying season officially starts in May.  The club flies days when the weather cooperates.  Our official flying day of the week is Thursday afternoon at 4pm.   We fly at our new field at the Thompsonville Airport.  Our field has been graded and seeded with grass seed.  Come out and check us out if you get a chance,

Our Summer Airshow will be held on the Saturday before Labor Day at the Thompsonville Airport. The airport is located on Lindy Road in Thompsonville, Michigan.  We will have pilots from all over Michigan.  We fly off of the airport paved runway.  Planes flying will include biplanes, WWII fighters, jets, and helicopters.  The Airshow starts at 10am and goes to 3pm.

We fly at two locations in Benzie County.  Our main flying field is at the Thompsonville Airport just East of Crystal Mountain Ski Resort on Lindy Rd.  We also fly at the Empire Airport on County Rd. 667.

The club keeps growing every year.  We have over 55 members.  For the most part we fly electric, but there are still some members that prefer nitro or gas.

The club has two electric trainer airplanes.  We have two Apprentice 15’s.  If you haven’t tried flying an Apprentine, they are very easy planes to fly.  They have 3 modes, beginner, intermediate, and expert.  Our two instructors are Fred Stafford and Doug Stolz.

To join the club you must belong to AMA and get an FAA certificate.  AMA membership at this time costs $75.  An FAA certificate costs $5.  The dues are $40.

Indoor Flying starts in November and ends in April.  We fly at Frankfork High School on Saturday afternooons.  Flying time is 1pm to 3pm.  Contact Fred Stafford or Doug Stolz for more information about flying indoor.

The Benzie Area RC Club (BARC) has a close affiliation with The Traverse City Club (TRAMPS).  We have TRAMPS members that also are members of the BARC Club.  In past years we have co-hosted our end of summer Airshow.  TRAMPS has flown their Airshow at the Empire airport.

We have a few members that also belong to the local Sailplane Club.  Fred Stafford our President flew sailplanes for many years.

BARC has participated in the Beulah 4th of July parade for number of years.  We have also participated in the Frankfort 4th of July parade.  In 2008 BARC won Ist place in the Beulah parade.

Slope flying on Lake Michigan is a great attraction for some members of the club.  In past years we have flown at the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.  Unfortunately, due to the privilege being abused by non AMA pilots, we can no longer fly in any National Park.  There are two major locations that are used for slope flying.  One of places that we fly at is from the platform used by hang gliders in Frankfort.  The other place that we fly at is just south of the Sleeping Bears Sand Dunes in Empire.

Typically, flying day is Thursday at the Thompsonville Airport.  Members also fly other days of the week.  An announcement is sent out to the club members by our President.  We also have club members that fly during the week at the Empire Airport.

We are chapter #2638 of The Academy of Model Aeronautics. Click here to read the Purpose of the club.  BARC is now a member of the Benzie County Chamber of Commerce.  Here is a link to the Benzie County Chamber of Commerce.

One of our guest pilots took an aerial view of the field at our 2014 Airshow.  Here is a video of the 2013 BARC Summer Air Show presented by Record Patriot.  Check out Peter Blitzer flying his slope plane at Empire.

For information about membership or any questions you may have send us email HERE.


Club Officers
President Doug Stolz
Vice President Brad Dixon
Secretary Peter Blitzer
Treasurer Jim Tyler
Field Manager Fred Stafford
Contest Directors Mark Harrison
Doug Stolz
Jay Stolz
Ed Mcintosh
Web Master Jay Stolz
Safety Officers Dennis Holcombe
David Jarvis


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