Indoor flying started again on Thursday, Nov. 9th.  Again this year we will be flying at the Frankfort High School gym.  Flying time is from 6pm to 8pm.  Flying inside really helps to sharpen your flying skills at the field.

Check out Kevin Kraak’s video flying his Shark at the Frankfort High School gym.

If you have never been out to the field in Thompsonville  at the airport, come watch us fly.  We have our scheduled flying day in the flying season on Thursday afternoons at 4pm.  We also fly other weekdays if any club member wants to come out.  When entering the airport veer to the right.  Our field is next to the paved plane parking area.

We also have a flying field at the Empire Airport.  Some of our members fly there.  This is a wide open place to fly with very few obstacles.  Typically we Fly as a group at Thompsonville.  However, a couple of times in the season, we fly at the Empire Airport.  I don’t know of any other club in Michigan that has two airports to fly at.  We are truly blessed to have two such great flying sites.





To kick off the flying season, we have a club Fun Fly and Swap Meet.  The event is held on the Saturday the weekend before Memorial weekend.  Flying time is 10am to 3pm.  We will be inviting clubs nearby to join us. We will be flying off of the paved runway.

Our annual Summer Airshow will be held on the Saturday the weekend before the Labor Day weekend.  The event runs from 10am to 3pm.  Pilots from all over the state and nearby states will be attending.

Club meetings will be announced on the website.  Those members that don’t have computers will receive announcements by email.

BARC Club members need to watch on the website for announcements for weekly flying, dinners, and club meeting, etc.  There will no longer be announcements being sent by email, except for those members that don’t have computers.

Club monthly newsletters are written by our secretary Chris Bobek.  The news letters can be viewed on the website.  There are newsletters from 2013 to the present available for viewing on the website.

We now have a classified section on the website.  Members can list items for sale directly on the website.  Members have the options to create, search, browse, an edit items for sale.

The website also a new section to write posts.  Members can post information on the website.  If you have something interesting to talk about, such a new plane just built, if you are going out to fly, maybe some pictures that you want to let others see, post your information on the website.